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The layout of this website follows a branching pattern from the front page. The top level follows the left hand menu, and further specialisation can be reached on the individual pages. The website is designed to be read at different levels of specialisation progressively away from the front page.


This website is designed using minimal formatting and minimal graphics for the navigation to allow for maximum accessibility and compliance with disability guidelines. The pages are formatted using cascading style sheets for maximum user flexibility. Two styles are directly provided (melanocratic and leucocratic) and can be chosen from the front page. The preferred style is stored on your computer (in a small file called a cookie), and will be used every time this website is accessed until you change your mind. If you have difficulties reading the pages, you have a number of options to change the design. Unfortunately Netscape 4.7x has a very poor style sheet implementation, and we consequently recommend an upgrade to a newer version.
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