Suggested packing list

The East coast of Greenland provides little for the support of field camps, and all basic needs must be covered from outside. There is normally no chance of getting supplies during a field season that can last several months. We also recommend careful considerations for the reduction of waste material (remove extra wrapping etc.), first of all because it adds to the weight and volume, second of all because waste material should be taken out after the field season. We have compiled this packing list for arctic researchers in remote parts of Greenland. It relies on the transport to and from East Greenland by fixed-wing aircraft and/or helicopter.

Camping equipment

Tent with rainproof over sail and bottom
Spare tent poles and plugs
Gaffa tape (for emergency repairs)
Sleeping bag (that keeps you comfortable at mild freezing temperatures)
Isolating camping mattress or foldable campling bed
Stove (kerosene burner) with wind shield
Fuel (kerosene)
Matches / Lighter
Cutlery, pots, pans, and dishes
Tin, and bottle opener
Biodegradable soap for cleaning and washing
Sensible food (condensed or freeze-dried to minimise the weight; parboiled rice and potato powder to reduce fuel consumption)
Emergency food (chocolate bars, dried fruit and nuts bars,  biscuits)
First aid kit, medical self-help book, all-round antibiotics
406 MHz EPIRB (radio beacon for emergency rescue)
Short-wave world receiver (yes, the BBC world service can be received on Skaergaard)
Waterproof and windproof clothing
Waterproof hiking boots (the rough surfaces of the gabbro can wear a sole out in 8 weeks)
Warm clothing, hat, scarf, and gloves
Sunscreen / sunblock lotion, lip salve
Sun hat, sun glasses
Pocket knife (swiss army type)
Repair kit with needles, extra buttons, thread, scissors, etc.
Medium-sized backpack for day tours
Large sturdy plastic bags for waterproofing and emergency storage
Personal washing / mechanical shaving kit (biodegradable soap) / mirror / towel
Toilet paper

Geological field equipment

Mapping board with waterproof map case
Base maps (1:20 000 topographical and geological maps are available for Skaergaard)
Propelling pencils
Coloured pencils
Rulers, compass
Stereonet / tracing paper
Drafting paper
Waterproof notebooks
Solar powered pocket calculator with trigonometric functions
Sample bags
Permanent markers (aviod whiteboard markers - they get wiped off)
Hammer, chisel, protective eyewear
Hand lens, magnet, etc.
Field mineralogical / petrological guide
Compass with clinometer
30 m and 3 m tape measurers
Camera, film, extra batteries
Flash, tripod, filters of personal choice
GPS unit with extra batteries
Barometric altimeter
Specialist equipment of individual choice


Power Absent
Running water Summer only
Showers Occasional during summer months
Ice Freely available in coastal areas
Heating Solar power
Exercise room Natural facilities available
Swimming pool Near freezing
Cleaning and room service Local polar foxes

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