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Andersen J C Ø and Brooks C K, 2003, The (virtual) Skaergaard Intrusion, URL =, accessed 12 February 2003.
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Students! Can you trust this website?

This website is meant as a resource of information on the Skaergaard intrusion. However, you must realise that the information contained within these pages do not have the same credibility as a double peer-reviewed scientific paper. Anybody can put up a website on the net, and anybody can publish whatever they like - whether it is true or not! This site is probably more credible than most, because the authors are clearly identified and their scientific backgrounds can be verified. As such, we would rate our webpages to be as credible as an undergraduate textbook. Feel free to use the information for your studies, but be aware that before you base your conclusions on scientific information presented here, you should always verify it by more credible sources (the double peer-reviewed scientific papers).

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