Skaergaard literature: Sonnenthal EL

Authors Year Title Publisher
McBirney AR & Sonnenthal EL 1990 Metasomatic replacement in the Skærgaard Intrusion, East Greenland: Preliminary observations Chemical Geology 88, p. 245-260
Sonnenthal EL 1991 Part I. Metasomatic replacement and the behavior of fluorine and chlorine during the differentiation of the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland. Part II. Geochemical and physical aspects of melt segregation in the Picture Gorge basalt, Oregon Unpublished Ph.D dissertation. University of Oregon, Eugene
Sonnenthal EL 1992 Geochemistry of dendritic anorthosites and associated pegmatites in the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland - Evidence for metasomatism by a chlorine-rich fluid Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 52, p. 209-230
Sonnenthal EL & McBirney AR 1997 Multicomponent reaction-transport simulations of block assimilation and convection in the Skaergaard Layered Series EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 77, (Fall Meeting Supplement), p. 822 only
Sonnenthal EL & McBirney AR 1998 The Skaergaard Layered Series. Part IV. Reaction-transport simulations of foundered blocks Journal of Petrology 39, p. 633-661

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