Skaergaard literature: Parr JT

Authors Year Title Publisher
Naslund HR, Parr JT & Birnie RW 1987 Lithologic mapping of mafic intrusions in East Greenland using Landsat Thematic Mapper data Proceedings of the Third Annual Landsat Workshop, Laboratory  for Terrestrial Physics, NASA p. 157-162
Parr JT, Birnie RW, Naslund HR, Nichols JD & Turner PA 1988 Lithologic mapping in East Greenland with Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery Proc. Sixth Thematic Conference on Remote Sensing for Exploration Geology, Ann Arbor, MI, USA 1, p. 203-212
Birnie RW, Parr JT, Naslund HR, Nichols JD & Turner PA 1989 Applications of Landsat thematic mapper and ground-based spectrometer data to a study of the Skaergaard and other mafic intrusions of East Greenland Remote Sensing of Environment 28, p. 297-304

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