Skaergaard literature: Norton D

Authors Year Title Publisher
Norton D & Taylor HP 1978 Quantitative simulation of the thermal history of igneous intrusives on the basis of oxygen isotope data and transport theory: An analysis of the hydrothermal system associated with the Skaergaard intrusion Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs 10, p. 464 only
Norton D & Taylor HP Jr 1979 Quantitative simulation of the hydrothermal systems of crystallizing magmas on the basis of transport theory and oxygen isotope data; an analysis of the Skaergaard intrusion Journal of Petrology 20, p. 421-486
Norton D, Taylor HP Jr & Bird DK 1983 The geometry and high-temperature brittle deformation of the Skaergaard intrusion EOS, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 64, p. 903 only
Norton D, Taylor HP & Bird DK 1984 The geometry and high temperature brittle deformation of the Skaergaard intrusion Journal of Geophysical Research 89, p. 10178-10192
Norton D & McCandless TE 1993 Thermal history of the Skaergaard intrusion: crystallization of an equant magma mass into layers Symposium on Layering in Igneous Complexes, Wager and Brown 25th Anniversary Commemorative Meeting, Johannesburg, South Africa

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