Skaergaard literature: 1966

Authors Year Title Publisher
Hamilton EI 1966 The isotopic composition of lead in igneous rocks Earth and Planetary Science Letters 1, p. 30-37
Harrison JHR 1966 Radiochemical determination of tin by neutron activation analysis in rock samples, primarily from the Skaergaard intrusion, East Greenland Unpublished dissertation (Chemistry Pt. II). University of Oxford
Henderson P 1966 Geochemical aspects of the mesostasis of some fractionated igneous rocks Unpublished D.Phil. dissertation. University of Oxford
Mackinnon A 1966 Radioactivation analysis for molybdenum, rhenium, uranium and thorium in some basic rocks and minerals Unpublished D.Phil. dissertation. University of Oxford
Presnall DC 1966 The join forsterite-dioside-iron oxide and its bearing on the crystallization of basaltic and ultramafic magmas American Journal of Science 264, p. 753-809

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